Why you should sponsor

Things you already know

  • React is growing, the paradigm has cross-pollinated other frameworks like Ember, Vue, and Angular
  • Even if people is not actively using React they are using the underlying paradigm
  • Conclusion 💡 The community needs more React knowledge even if they dont use React for everyday work

Core Values

  • Record every talk
  • Open to any type of talks that motivate us as developers not only React-related ones
  • Encourage interaction by moving the conversation into places where people can stay longer in bars & pubs
  • Call things by their names, sponsors exists and play an important role to make the meetup happen and keep happening
  • Technology; not recruitment driven
  • Never have sponsors coming to present stuff not relevant for our audience

Meetup Structure

We gather every 3rd Thursday of the month at La Choperia, the event starts @ 7:00pm and ends @ 9:30pm (people are encouraged to stay longer and talk).

SectionDuration 🕐
1st Talk (Entry Level)25' to 35'
Elevator Pitch5'to 10'
Drinks & Dips🍻
2nd Talk25' to 35'
Community News📰

Our Offer

We offer sponsors the possibility to:

  • Place your brand in the event: Rollups, banners, etc
  • Give the attendees material about your company
  • Have somebody do a 5' Elevator Pitch (it can be a recorded video or live hangout as well)
  • Place your brand on the videos


  • We expect between 25 - 50 people attending each event and plan to reach a bigger audience on the youtube channel
  • Uruguay has 10k software developers and between 300 and 500 engineers graduate every year
  • Time Zone is UTC-03:00 (1 hour ahead of EST / EDT) 👌 for remote jobs

Shut up and take my money 🤑

We need the money for:

  • Buy food and drinks for the attendees
  • Edit the videos & close caption them
  • Make some diffusion before the event